How does OnMe work?

OnMe is an app for buying a drink for a friend. It’s pretty simple. After you download the app, you can pick which friend you’d like to buy for, select a bar you think your friend will like, and the amount you’d like to pony up. You can send a personal message via video or text, and then buy the drink. Your friend will get notified immediately and the games begin.

I’m an OnMe newbie and just received a $5 credit. Now what?

Welcome to the club. You can use your credit to buy a drink for a friend - just pick a friend, pick your (or his or her) bar of choice, and send some love in the form of an alcoholic beverage. Your friends will appreciate it and they’re sure to hit you back.

What bars can I use OnMe at?

OnMe works everywhere. At select bars, when you receive a drink, the bar will be hip enough to know this. At most places, you’ll just get your credit when you get to the bar, which will show up in your OnMe app. At that point, you can pass the love to another friend, reciprocate with whoever hooked you up, or cash out.

How long will it take for my friend to get the drink I bought?

It’ll generally be super fast, we’re all about instant gratification and feedback. We’ll let you know when the recipient viewed the drink voucher and again when she’s redeemed it. If it’s taking way too long and you think it’s our fault, you should let us know.

Someone bought me a drink. How can I redeem it?

It’s pretty darn easy. Go to the bar. In most cases, OnMe will credit your account in the app right then. For select bars, the bar will know what’s up and you’ll just get an alert to go get your drink of choice at the bar.

I bought a drink for a friend. Can I change the bar? Can I change the friend?

Right now, this is not something we support. If that really hurts, we’re sorry and you should ask us to help you out.

I bought a drink. Can I cancel the drink and get a refund?

Right now, this is not something we support - this is a no take-backs affair. If that really hurts, we’re sorry and you should let us know.

How do I see who bought a drink for me?

Just go into the app and head over to the Redeem section (indicated by the heady glass of beer on the right) and you’ll see who’s setting you up with drinks and where.

Will OnMe spam my friends on facebook or other social networks?

We prefer to think of it as viral marketing :) Just kidding. No, we won’t get sketchy with your social network, we respect that. We’d love for you to spread the love yourselves and we’ll just stay out of the way.

How do I reset my password?

Right now, you don’t have a password for OnMe, you log in using facebook. To log in as a different user, simply log out of your Facebook account and then restart OnMe.

The app isn’t working right, it shuts down, freezes, or doesn’t complete my drink buy. Now what?

Argh. That sucks, you should let us know and we will do our best to get it fixed asap.

I manage a bar. How can my bar accept OnMe?

Awesome. We can get you set up in short order, just reach out to us at support@onmetheapp.com. Essentially, once you have the bar version of the app, you can accept payments directly through the app. You can also offer specials and app users will be notified in real-time.

My question is not answered here. How do I contact OnMe?

Shoot us an email at support@onmetheapp.com and we’ll be in touch.

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OnMe lets you buy drinks for friends at bars and coffee shops.